'A Home from Home' was an interactive installation, exploring the concept of sustainability.  It won the Stem+Glory Prize as part of the Sustainability Art Prize Exhibition, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, 2017:
This work is part of an ongoing personal project about the warmth and sincerity required of human relationships in a sustainable and flourishing society.  You are invited to have tea, served in a compostable paper cup by volunteers from a range of cultures.
The British and Middle Eastern furnishings symbolise the cross-cultural hospitality experienced by the artist, when visiting a Sudanese refugee in Edinburgh, as part of a voluntary effort to foster friendships among neighbours. We were greeted by a young man who had recently been housed in a council flat. He entered the United Kingdom by travelling under a lorry from Calais to Dover. It was a dangerous journey and he was afraid of being found.  ​
Faith is central to his life, and he loves to listen to chanted recordings of the Qur’án. He feels that people of diverse backgrounds must work together to contribute to a more just world.  When he starts work, he would like to gain an English language qualification and attend university.​
The host served us black tea with sugar and fresh mint. A Home from Home suggests that a sense of warm hospitality is key to building a global culture of sustainable collaboration.  
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